10 Reasons to Update Your Website
The world revolves around the internet. If you cannot be found by Google your prospects will continue to search online until they find a company that they can trust and seem to be the company that fits their needs.

Why do people buy?
1. Trust
2. They like you
3. Product has value
4. Price
If you are constantly selling at a discount price just to close the sale, then you have not built your value and customers are just settling for your service or product. I have many clients who are contractors and they spend a fortune to generate leads at Home Shows then they race to set appointments to gain new sales but they have a web site designed by their nephew which usually has the following problems:
Your Website Sucks, Fix It:
1. Unprofessional Logo and Home Page: The first thing that your prospect sees is your logo and Home Page. If it looks like you copied the logo off of a “Logos for Free” site and if your Home page is too busy or not set up properly with Headlines and Key words describing your business you will lose the prospect in 10 seconds.
2. Good Content: You need amazing content and astounding products. Make sure that your content is in ENGLISH. Do not use vernacular that is specific to your industry and make sure that you use proper spelling and grammar. Most web designers (and your nephews) are science majors (or dropouts) and poor in English. You cannot promote professional trust unless you have a professional website.
3. Well Labeled Images: Make sure that your images are exciting and inviting. Don’t use stock photos that people will associate with other products. Keep it original if you can and update your photos weekly. Otherwise your website will appeal to no one.
4. Unique and Relevant Headers and Page Titles: Match your Headlines to who you are. The Headlines and Key words used should match up to who you are and the story, product and service that you are trying to sell.
5. Choose your Market Niche and Sell it: “In order to be Successful you must be Uniquely Different!” **If you are just another company selling the same product or service as everyone else then you will just blend in and not be found on the internet or in business. You must have that “something different” approach that set you apart from the herd. Find it, promote it, and sell it with photos, videos and vibrant descriptions.
6. Design your website to aim at your Target Market: Once you have determined your target market ensure that your website is aimed at who you are selling to and the product or service that you want them to buy. So many websites look the same as all of the rest and don’t even target their company’s buyers. Be targeted and specific in your plan and image to capture their buying prowess. Once they leave your website they will not come back. You have 10 seconds to make an imposing impression.
7. Make your website expand into the buyers purchase mannerisms. Offer online discounts, new offerings, new ideas or concepts, online merchandise, and weekly blog articles about who you are, what you offer, and attract them and secure their interest. You can start to market using social networks, and launch new media campaigns.
8. SEO: Google has new and changing search criteria constantly. If your website doesn’t meet the new standards, your rankings will plummet. Create higher rankings with new content, new code and new search engine optimization (SEO).
9. Mobile Ready: Google changed their methods of ranking and if your website has not been updated in the last 3 months you will not be found and your Google rank will diminish. 80% of the new market share is online and 70% of that is via smart phones and tablets. Get with it now.
10. Interactive websites: If you’re just telling people what you have, then you are just shouting at them and they will pass up your website. You must engage them. You must have interactive communication with your website including blogs and comment sections so that they are communicating with you always. Start by giving prospects ways to share their opinions, comments, likes and sharing of your website to increase your ranking, as well as your market share.
We at Success PR can work with you to design a web site that will be engaging and generate new sales and leads for your company. Contact us at: tom.successpr@gmail.com
**Quote attributed to Tom Cronin.