Wilderness Survival ADK

We live in a day and time where there are more uncertainties in our world than ever before. Could we be hit by a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, biological warfare, a prolonged power outage, pandemic, or find ourselves the victim of a plane crash? We hope none of these scenarios would ever be the case, but it’s very important that if we were confronted with such a challenge, we would have the skills to greatly improve our chance of survival, and the survival of those we love. At Wilderness Survival, Co. we teach you the skills to be proactive, confident, and a survivor in an emergency situation.

The skills we teach are vital in an emergency scenario, but also invaluable information for that next family camping trip, hunting with your buddies, hiking, or just to challenge yourself to know basic survival skills and techniques, while enjoying the beauty of nature in our region. We have instructors that are DEC certified, EMT certified, and that hold a degree in adventure sports. We offer both four and eight hour survival courses.

Stop, Access, and Plan, these are first things you do in an emergency situation. From there we teach:

  1. Safety & First Aid
  2. Building a Shelter from your Surroundings
  3. Building a Fire
  4. Water Purification
  5. Food/Trapping
  6. Signaling
  7. Navigation
  8. Tracking

Standard Wilderness Survival: Field Training

One Day Wilderness Survival Skills

Training will cover:

Selecting a safe site to build a shelter or set up base camp

Shelter construction: – a great group shelter – adapting it to your environment (natural and man-made materials may be utilized)

Fire skills: fire pit placement, fuel types, reflectors, windbreaks, finding dry materials in severe weather, and proper extinguishing methods

Cooking method: spit cooking and hot coals

Knots and lashings for multiple uses

Basics in water procurement, filtering and disinfection

Wild edibles: an introduction to identification, habitat, seasons, preparation, edibility, and medicinal or other uses

Survival kits: clothing, and equipment for multiple environments

A slide show and equipment will supplement this training

8 hour course $150 per person. This course can be taken as part of the 3 day weekend or as a standalone on Saturday (minimum 10 participants schedule online for your particular course date)

Log onto our website at wildernesssurvivaladk.com or call us at 518-782-2377 for more information. Be prepared!