It’s true that a very low taxation rate is the key draw for most people who wish to set up offshore companies through our experienced and skilled firm. There are greater benefits of offshore incorporation as follows:

  • Privacy
  • Asset Protection
  • Belize as an offshore jurisdiction allows your business to be free of accounting and audited tax reports
  • Internet Privacy
  • If you physically lived abroad, however, and you meet the additional requirements of the foreign earned income exclusion, you may be able to exclude some or all of your income.
  • The largest benefit to operating an overseas corporation is that of tax deferral.

Aside from low taxation (or no taxation at all, in some cases!), you’ll find that setting up an International Business Company, IBC, in one of these republics is the key to accessing a very high degree of anonymity. In other words, those who register in these offshore regions won’t need to disclose data which is related to the identities of directors, stakeholders and beneficiaries of International Business Companies.

We also provide Private Placement Agreements and Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV’s) for our clients. To learn more about this please visit our website

Where to incorporate?

The most important factor in choosing a country for your offshore incorporation is to be sure that your company will be incorporated in a country that has :

1) Dependable communication-phone, internet
2) Stable economic and political environment
3) We only transact in countries with strong reputations
4) Corporate laws that work in your favor

We provide you with countries that are developing international businesses, and we perform due diligence about the prospected foreign nation thus allowing partners to limit the risk on both sides in business negotiations.

Currently, we offer our clients access to incorporation in Belize, the Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands. Each of these exotic locations provides a range of appealing business advantages. In other words, every one of these exciting “tax havens” will be a great place to form an International Business Company, because each nation or republic will offer the most superlative tax benefits to company owners and shareholders.

In order to determine which country is best for your business or investments, please review and contact us at