What is critical when starting a new company?

Initially one must determine what is the desire that you are trying to create with your new company and what are your goals. An entrepreneur has to be a lone wolf at times in order to find the clear meaning of your purpose for your company as opposed to working in your corporate structure.

1. Surround yourself with quality people who can augment your skills. No man(woman) is an island unto themselves. Learn to listen to your advisers and don’t waste time with nay sayers or yes men.

2. Model those who are in similar industries and piggy back their success. Many have come before you and established the patterns and actions needed to succeed, then build your own world. Plan then implement your strategy.

3. Don’t hesitate to move once you have made up your mind.

4. Ensure that you have the proper financing to initiate your next expansion plan.

5. Be prepared to have growing pains. Do not hesitate to make changes to your plan as needed swiftly.