Are you prepared for the next Ebola outbreak, Sandy hurricane or natural disaster or some wacko cutting off your neighbors head ranting and crying out Muslim chants.? I think not.
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U.S. states wildly unprepared for disasters, outbreaks, emergencies

‘It’s a grim reckoning’

Recently a pair of nonprofit organizations released a report entitled, “Ready or Not?”, a 79-page analysis of public health preparedness, which measured the ability of local hospitals, departments of health and other agencies to prevent or respond to emergencies ranging from major influenza outbreaks, large weather events, bioterrorism or other natural disasters like major tornadoes or earthquakes.

“It’s a grim reckoning,” Reuters reported. “The assessment is based on how many of 10 key benchmarks a state met, such as whether it holds drills to make sure public health workers can respond quickly to, say, a catastrophic release of radiation, and whether its labs can work overtime to identify a mystery disease.”

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America has the expertise and infrastructure to prevent the massive spread of Ebola as seen in West Africa. U.S. hospitals have equipment to care for patients with infectious diseases and the ability to isolate them for treatment. Alarm by the public, while understandable, is unwarranted.
However, this case highlights legitimate concerns. A 2014 report card, conducted by a task force of emergency physicians working with the Altarum Institute, gave America a C-minus for disaster preparedness. A recent study in the Annals of Emergency Medicine reports that the volume of emergency patients has grown by 31% from 2001 to 2011, while the number of emergency departments has grown only 2.2%.
The incredible pressure ERs have been under from increased demand and decreased resources leaves too little wiggle room for a bad flu season or a terrorist attack. Our national security depends on ERs having the resources they need.Yet we have not been able to build the infrastructure needed to ensure our health and well being.
What to do?
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