Indomitable Spirit Tom Brady

Indomitable Spirit
By: Tom Cronin

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”
Mahatma Gandhi

You are in your 7th Superbowl and you have won 4 times. You need one more win to be rated as the best quarterback of all time. It is the third quarter, nothing is going your way, you are down by 25 points, the greatest margin in Superbowl history. If you don’t score on the next drive it is over, or is it? Tom Brady not only tied the game with 25 unanswered points, he then went into overtime and won the Superbowl with his indomitable spirit. What drove him from frustration and guaranteed loss to overcome his opponents and drive his team to the game winning touchdown. His Indomitable Spirit.

The indomitable spirit is that aspect of your person which makes you unique. It is that element of a person which provides hope, strength and courage to get up and face each day with a broad back and a smile. The indomitable spirit is perseverance that provides us with the tenacity, guts and power needed to go that extra mile. If you have this indomitable spirit to press on through no matter what happens, then you will survive then thrive and have Success.

We all have dreams and we will always come against challenges and losses that would dishearten those who do not have this indomitable spirit. It is sometimes physical, sometimes mental but most importantly it is a spiritual inner strength that helps us to have steady persistence in adhering to a course of action, a belief, or a purpose; determination and faith. We are driven to do something in spite of dilemmas, disappointment, delays or conflicts. Your goals and dreams will take longer than expected. You have to meet your adversary or conflict head on and pull from your inner strength, your indomitable spirit, in order to win the day.

God has given each one of us an invincible, unconquerable, unbeatable will that lies deep within us to overcome any obstacles that may come our way.

Strength through faith.

The unconquerable, invincible, resolute God given strength that lies within each one of us is what makes the human spirit indomitable. There is something special contained within our psyche that drives us forward in the face of adversity. It motivates us to push past defeat and to triumph in the face of all odds.

The human spirit is indomitable because God designed us to be able to handle anything that life throws our way. The human spirit is unequaled in power and nothing can defeat it.
When you fail and you will, what do you do? Do you blame others for your loss, have a pity party, give in to fear, anger, remorse: all tools of Satan. You can never give up. Never relinquish control to fear and failure. Seek God and when you realize His strength and wisdom is all that you need, then you will be able to draw on your indomitable spirit and conquer all of your problems with a smile.