By: Tom Cronin

Small business owners must create a demand for your product or service in order to generate leads, sales and increase market share. But you do not have to spend a fortune on advertising to start your business. I have started 7 businesses and consulted to hundreds of businesses on how to create business leads for your company within a limited budget. Fortunately, we thrive in a digital age whereby you can grow your client base and brand yourself with a limited budget.

10 of the Most powerful ways to market your company on a tight budget.

New Web site design: create a distinctive web site that will promote your company products or service with the maximized SEO and SEM

Develop Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to promote your products, services and your company.

Create a Blog: post frequently on your Blog with amazing content, offers, contests, videos and free offers to capture leads.

Create a Google My Business Account: ensure that your business can be found on Google Business through local searches. Use the free $100 of Google AdWords to get your site noticed by the Google search engines

Publish an article online: become an expert in your field and publish weekly to local online media as well as Blog posts

• I have always stated, a “In order to be Successful, you must be Uniquely different.” Develop a market strategy and implement it to separate you from your competitors.

Sponsor a contest, competition, or awards ceremony: coordinate with local vendors to obtain prizes in order to create local PR with a contest …

Groupon or LivingSocial: I created 1250 new customers in my first month of my Wilderness Survival Company using Groupon.

Network with your local Chamber of Commerce and business leads groups.

Online media promotion with surveys, free products, videos and Facebook Group sponsorship.