Church Security: Are you prepared?

We have witnessed enough violence in the last few years to know that even in our perfect, peaceful sanctuary there is the potential for an external threat. Satan and these demonic predators care nothing for you and your families well being. So by preparing for a worst case scenario you can be prepared in order to protect, secure and defend your congregation. We can help you to prepare an assessment of your churches physical building to ensure it is relatively secured but you must prepare for the worst case scenario with a security team made up of greeters, ushers, teachers, parents and your pastor and elders with a plan for your security and what to do in the event of an incursion.

Here is the worst case scenario of an armed intruder. If this occurred in your church would you be prepared?


This is the scenario that brings the most fear to everyone. You may only have a few seconds for your immediate response and you may or may not have other Greeter/ Usher (security trained personnel) to assist you.

A violent situation can involve many scenarios:

An assailant targets one or more people in your church, but does not target others.
An assailant shoots randomly, with no specific target. The purpose is to kill, to take hostages, to commit other crimes, or a combination.
There is one assailant or more than one.
The assailant has one loaded weapon.
The assailant has many weapons and a large amount of ammunition.
The assailant only has firearms.
The assailant has other devices, such as explosives or tear gas.
Services may not yet have started.
Services may be in progress.
The church may be in meetings or Sunday School, instead of a regular service.
People may be in the sanctuary or in the fellowship hall or classrooms.

By the time you can react, the assailant may have already shot people you know, or may have taken hostages and threatened to kill them. Your own family may be involved. This is when your preparation and self-control can help the most. Even though you may not be able to do much, there may be some things you can do that will save lives or stop the violence. It is in these extreme situations that having thought about such an event ahead of time can help you and others.

If you have discussed possible responses with other security trained personnel, you may be able to take coordinated action without much communication.
If you and your family have discussed how to respond in an emergency you may not need to direct them to exits or safe locations.
If you know the building in detail, you may not need lights to guide others to safety.
If you have spent some time checking the building, you may know the sturdiest protection in the sanctuary or lobby, or the most easily fortified rooms. Even if your plan of action is not the absolute best one, by having a plan you may be able to do something immediately rather than taking too long to decide.

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