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Cops as Warriors Remember the Blue

by Tom Cronin “In Plato’s vision of a perfect society — in a republic that honors the core of democracy — the greatest amount of power is given to those called the Guardians. Only those with the most impeccable character are chosen to bear the responsibility of protecting the democracy.” We are losing the war and with that the virginity of the United States of America. We are no longer that country protected by our oceans boundaries and our friendly neighbors. The prior administration sought to destroy America and if left to their Saul Alinsky methods they will ruin our nation and its beauty. Our police are no longer honored as they have been for the last 250 years. They are treated as controlled bureaucrats who must operate at the whim of their elected mayors and officials who treat them with disrespect and disdain. Mayors like Bill de Blasio in NYC and Rahm Emanuel in Chicago allow their Black Lives Matter dissidents to parade without permit and chant “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon,”. We need to rise up and show respect to honor our police and help to bring back our society to the “Rule of Law”. Our police have no authority on the streets and they are always looking over their shoulder to ensure that they are not breaking the rules of engagement set by...

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Content Marketing Creates Leads

Use your content marketing in your website to reach your business goals To make sure that your content marketing is having the impact that you want it to have; you must have the right content marketing strategy. Regrettably, there is no magic formula to identify the key performance indicators (KPI) you need to measure. Content marketing goals are highly individualized. Your marketing priorities are strongly influenced by the size of your business, budget, available resources, previous trials and outcomes, plus many other factors that vary from business to business. Let’s see what you need to do to get the...

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Your Website Sucks: Fix It

10 Reasons to Update Your Website The world revolves around the internet. If you cannot be found by Google your prospects will continue to search online until they find a company that they can trust and seem to be the company that fits their needs. Why do people buy? 1. Trust 2. They like you 3. Product has value 4. Price If you are constantly selling at a discount price just to close the sale, then you have not built your value and customers are just settling for your service or product. I have many clients who are contractors and they spend a fortune to generate leads at Home Shows then they race to set appointments to gain new sales but they have a web site designed by their nephew which usually has the following problems: Your Website Sucks, Fix It: 1. Unprofessional Logo and Home Page: The first thing that your prospect sees is your logo and Home Page. If it looks like you copied the logo off of a “Logos for Free” site and if your Home page is too busy or not set up properly with Headlines and Key words describing your business you will lose the prospect in 10 seconds. 2. Good Content: You need amazing content and astounding products. Make sure that your content is in ENGLISH. Do not use vernacular that is specific...

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