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Month: January 2017

Your Website Sucks: Fix It

10 Reasons to Update Your Website The world revolves around the internet. If you cannot be found by Google your prospects will continue to search online until they find a company that they can trust and seem to be the company that fits their needs. Why do people buy? 1. Trust 2. They like you 3. Product has value 4. Price If you are constantly selling at a discount price just to close the sale, then you have not built your value and customers are just settling for your service or product. I have many clients who are contractors and they spend a fortune to generate leads at Home Shows then they race to set appointments to gain new sales but they have a web site designed by their nephew which usually has the following problems: Your Website Sucks, Fix It: 1. Unprofessional Logo and Home Page: The first thing that your prospect sees is your logo and Home Page. If it looks like you copied the logo off of a “Logos for Free” site and if your Home page is too busy or not set up properly with Headlines and Key words describing your business you will lose the prospect in 10 seconds. 2. Good Content: You need amazing content and astounding products. Make sure that your content is in ENGLISH. Do not use vernacular that is specific...

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Reinvent Your Company

Reinvent Your Company  How to change your mind set. “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” — Albert Einstein – Your sales are spiraling downward. Customers are not reaching you online. Your clients have lost confidence in you. Many small businesses come to a defining moment where their business plan is no longer working and they need to change their strategic direction to keep their doors open. Often the retarded sales are from an external factor, such as a declining economy, a product or service becoming obsolete because of new technology...

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