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Month: February 2015

Winter Survival Guidelines

Winter Survival Guidelines Recently a family survived a disastrous rollover car accident in the woods of Upstate NY. They were somewhat prepared with some of the basic materials. But more importantly they had recently trained at one of our Wilderness Survival seminars and lived to see their loved ones after their incident. The key to Success when you are faced with a Survival situation is the following: • Stop- assess your situation • Safety- determine if you or anyone in your party is injured and if they need immediate medical attention. Act immediately to take care of that situation. • Plan- make a plan of attack …quickly and decisively in order to save lives and move to a secure and safe position. Determine your order of priority as to what actions must take place and how. Determine the skills of those in your group or family and who is to lead by example, knowledge, courage and experience. Do not cater to screaming meemies. • Implement your plan: Once you have assessed your situation determine what has to be done and who is to guide you and the group, family or self to survive • Shelter-if you are safe and in a car or truck, stay there until you assess the exterior weather and how stable your vehicle is. • Communicate- attempt to communicate with emergency services, police, anyone who...

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5 Valentines Gifts to “Keep you out of the Dog House”

5 Valentines Gifts to “Keep you out of the Dog House” Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts Nothing says “I forgot about Valentine’s Day” or “I don’t care” like a box of Whitman’s chocolates, a stuffed animal, and a Hallmark card bought from the closest drug store. If you have indeed left things to the last minute, resist the urge to pick out your Valentine’s Day gift at some pharmacy or worst the Dollar Store. You’ll thank me later. Instead, look over this list of gift ideas that you could give your loved one this February 14th. They don’t take...

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